Lease of industrial and commercial buildings. High standards of the buildings allows for universal use for both logistic service and/or for light industry. With regard to the fact that these buildings remain a part of our portfolio, we only realize projects of the highest quality and in line with the needs of the customer. We can offer the client buildings already realized, without further adjustments, or to realize specifications according to the requirements ("Built-to-suit").


We select the locations carefully and we must always be sure of the uniqueness of their positioning. All our buildings are located in the vicinity to main traffic lines, grounding the success of your company.


Our goal is to create long-term lease relationships with infrastructure that transcends.








A “Built-to-suit” solution by Agminis offers the possibility of full adaptation of the realized property to the requirements and specifics of the particular client. We can also build new facilities in different locations for a particular client according to their requirements.


Any property executed by Agminis might be fully adjusted to any specifications and defined requirements of the client – future tenant – from as early as the preparatory stages. This solution can be used by any Agminis customer.